Thursday, September 17, 2009

Elizabeth Toile Artwork ~ NEW

Have you ever in your life seen such a dramatic crib? Fit for a princess ... no joke! Ok... so I'm a little jealous .. I wish my little one had that in her nursery!! ;o)

I finally finished some Elizabeth Toile artwork someone requested me to do. It coordinates with PBK's bedding ... which is getting harder to find .. it is a popular bedding .. and you can see why! If you just love pastels ... pinks especially ... this Toile bedding is for you! I see there is plenty available on ebay. If you have a little girl and don't know what theme to go with ... I am suggesting the Elizabeth Toile ... you can't go wrong with a fairytale room or nursery!

Five Random things about me this week:

1. Just bought a fun work out book! I LOVE it!

2. McDonald's is my favorite fast food place (I know... kind of crazy with Chic-fil-A here in the South) .. I love their lattes!

3. I love purses! I don't need another purse .. I just want one for the Fall! ;-)

4. I am still BF with my HS friends! Even if we are 700 miles away from each other!

5. Come 6:00 pm Friday I will be pouring myself a big glass of red wine. ;-)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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Beth Peele said...

LOVE your blog! It's adorable!