Thursday, September 17, 2009

Elizabeth Toile Artwork ~ NEW

Have you ever in your life seen such a dramatic crib? Fit for a princess ... no joke! Ok... so I'm a little jealous .. I wish my little one had that in her nursery!! ;o)

I finally finished some Elizabeth Toile artwork someone requested me to do. It coordinates with PBK's bedding ... which is getting harder to find .. it is a popular bedding .. and you can see why! If you just love pastels ... pinks especially ... this Toile bedding is for you! I see there is plenty available on ebay. If you have a little girl and don't know what theme to go with ... I am suggesting the Elizabeth Toile ... you can't go wrong with a fairytale room or nursery!

Five Random things about me this week:

1. Just bought a fun work out book! I LOVE it!

2. McDonald's is my favorite fast food place (I know... kind of crazy with Chic-fil-A here in the South) .. I love their lattes!

3. I love purses! I don't need another purse .. I just want one for the Fall! ;-)

4. I am still BF with my HS friends! Even if we are 700 miles away from each other!

5. Come 6:00 pm Friday I will be pouring myself a big glass of red wine. ;-)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Newest Items

Have you seen our newest items yet? NAME ART in both matte paper prints ready to frame and in ready to hang canvas. You choose a QUOTE or SCRIPTURE or anything you want to go under the name and initial. (of course you don't have to any wording there ... but that is what makes these so unique).

Also added is our new ANGEL Canvas Art: A unique PERSONALIZED CANVAS WALL ART PRINT made especially for YOUR child! I painted the Angel holding a Banner waiting for your Daughter's name. I also used several fabrics (some by pbk) to finish off the designs.

You also get to choose your options: hair color/eye color/etc. These little angels are meant to look like your little angel! See more details on the website!

5 Random things about me:

1. Fall is my favorite time of the year ... my favorite colors.

2. I love ETSY! (Have you been there?)

3. I don't know if I'm a twittering type of girl ?

4. I am the 5th of 6 children.

5. I have lived in the South for almost 27 years now.