Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekly Sale

Hi.. I hope the summer finds you well! School is just about over everywhere .. yeah~!

We are back from our first little family vacation (visiting the in-laws and then to a beach destination) .. it was wonderful. I thought I'd surprise my husband with a brand new Garmin (GPS) for our trip. The kids enjoyed it more than him I think! Anyhow, we plugged in his parent's address (about 600 miles away) and off we went! We started driving the way we normally take but then the Garmin told us to take a left. We were like "should we?" and thought "why not!" So, it took us through every little town through Southern Georgia and every little town through Florida! We didn't take one major highway ... not one! When we saw I-95 off in the distance we were wondering why it didn't take us onto the interstate .. weird. So, we finally got there ... about 2 extra hours of driving because of the Garmin ... but we enjoyed the slow pace of the towns. When we stopped at a store about a block away from his parents, my son was looking at the set up of the Garmin and realized we were set up for walking mode! Oh my gosh, we laughed so hard ... no wonder we were on all side streets! We were sure to set it up correctly on the way home.... ;-) Other than that I love this GPS ... I plan on using it a lot (since I tend to get lost a lot!).

There is a sale on everything in the store... check it out! For my bloggers put this code in check out and get an additional 5% off too: GARMIN

I made these swim party invitations for my daughter ... I think they turned out cute! I can do something like this for your child if you are interested... just pick one of my themes.

Katherine McBride was our May GiveawayWinner! She won a $25 gift certificate. Congratulations, Katherine!!! This month we are giving away an 11x14 letter print of your choice:

Melissa O'Regan was our May Review winner and gets a $25 gift certificate. Thank you, Melissa! Be sure to leave a review on the item(s) you purchased so you can be entered too.

Have a great week!


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