Tuesday, May 26, 2009

15% Off Sale!

Summer is here in Georgia! I can't believe my kids are out of school ALREADY! Well, they're happy! I'm happy! I love being out of the drive to school routine. ;-) We are closing the store for a week to go to Florida to visit my husband's parents and then off to another area to vacation. Please enjoy a 15% discount off your TOTAL purchase while the store is closed. All orders will be processed and shipped after June 2nd. All emails will be answered after June 2nd.

The code to use in check out to get your 15% off is: Summer

Sorry, this sale is not applied to previous purchases. Sale starts Tuesday, May 26 and runs thru June 2.

Check out the homepage ... new Pirate artwork is up. Next in line is Kitty Cat artwork....
Have a good week!


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