Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Save Handmade!

Due to my dad's illness taking a turn for the worse I decided to close my store until after Christmas. Orders that were placed up until this morning will still be processed and shipped before Christmas. If you have any questions, please email me ... I will still be checking emails. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year!

If you haven't heard about "Help us save Homemade!" please read below if you want to continue purchasing artwork, homemade dolls, and wonderful children products you can't find in a store. This would certainly be a shame if it went into effect and would certainly ruin the economy even more! Please read and please take a few minutes of your time to respond .... we will all be affected by this ridiculous law! Thank you!

Save Handmade Toys

Help Us Save Handmade!

Posted: 17 Dec 2008 03:07 PM CST
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We’re all for strengthening the safety standards of mass-produced toys,clothes, and accessories made in China, and banning toxins like phthalates andlead. But this year, congress passed the ill-conceived ConsumerProducts Safety Improvement Act, a law which goes into effect in two monthsand will absolutely decimate the small toy manufacturers, independent artisans,and crafters who have already earned the public trust. The very same ones thatwe often feature here and in our yearly special edition gift guides.

With this act going into effect February 10 2009 so many people welove will be affected: Moms who sew beautiful handmade waldorf dolls out ofhome, artists who have spent decades hand-carving trucks and cars out of naturalwoods, that guy at the craft show who sold you the cute handmade puzzle–evenlarger US companies who employ local workers and have not once had any sort ofsafety issue will no longer be able to sell their goods. Not without investingtens of thousands of dollars into third-party testing and labeling, just toprove that toys that never had a single toxic chemical in them still don’t havea single toxic chemical in them.

How to Get Involved — it only takes 5 minutes of your time!

-Find your congress person and senators and write a letter like the sample here. Particularly if they serve on the House Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade and Consumer Protection or the House Committee on Small Business.

-Send an email directly to the CPSC or contact chairperson Nancy Nord at 301-504-7923

-Vote for amending the law on, digg style: With enough votes it will be presented to President Obama in January!

-Place the Save Handmade! button on your blog or website to help spread the word to everyone you know who cares about protecting the little guy and preserving beautiful items made with love for our children.

Friday, December 12, 2008

My Face Dollies! NEW!!

Introducing "My Face Dollies", what a wonderful gift!

My good friend Eloisa and I have been working on this project for about a month now, we came up with this idea talking about what our girls wanted to give their friends as Christmas Gifts, one idea went to another and My Face Dollies was born. These adorable dolls are completely handmade to resemble your child, you get to choose their skin, eye, and hair color, hair style, body fabric, and accessories.

They are a wonderful Christmas Gift! Pictures are welcome and we will try to match up unique features like freckles and beauty marks. Imagine their little smiles when they open up their package to find these dolls!

Obviously, as Christmas approaches quickly, there’s only a certain number of dolls we can complete before Christmas (so hurry put your order in within the next few days to ensure Christmas delivery!). We are also offering Printed and emailed Gift Certificates so your little ones can go online with an adult supervision of course, and either design their own doll or adopt one of our ready-made cute dollies!

We couldn't resist and also have accessories, there's many more coming after the Holidays too!