Thursday, November 20, 2008

Logo Design ... & Sale!

It is hard to believe Thanksgiving is only one week away! I feel like I was just at the swimming pool with the kids! Last week I shared TipJunkie's blog with you, and it is really a fun blog loaded with tips and lots of creative ideas! Here are some Thanksgiving tips that are fun (decorating the table and lots of other ideas): Thanksgiving Ideas.

Ok.. so Christmas is like a month away and this year I have NO idea what I am buying! The kids don't even know what they want... so I guess that is good .. they are not being materialistic! But still.... I have no clue what to look for, bargain for, or nothing! :-) Oh well... I guess I will figure it out. I have teens now .. so it's not as easy as buying for little ones (oh those were the days!).


I just did a logo for a couple of ladies who are starting up a Book Basket business. Their company name is "The Storybook Tree." They should have their website up and running after the New Year .. so I will definitely share their site when it is up. Here is the logo I did for them:

Secret Sale for my blog readers .... only for Friday, November 21st .... buy any 8x10 LETTER PRINT and get an 11x14 print for the same price! One per customer. Code in check out is NovemberLetter. (Purchase the 11x14 Letter Print and the discount code will take $4.00 off in check out). You get free shipping too!

Working on something really cute right now .. hopefully I can post it in a few days. Stay tuned.... and have a WONDERFUL weekend!!

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