Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Actually you are probably getting this the day after Halloween! Hope your's was a safe & Happy one! I am getting my daughter ready now ... and I have tell you what she is! She is a voting booth (people vote with their candy) ... for either President they want to be elected! On each hip she wears a box .. one with McCain's picture and the other with Obama's picture. I'll let you know the "poll" later this evening along with pics .. LOL!

Speaking of costumes ... enter your child in our "Best Costume Contest." Send your child's photo to and I will post it (just give me your first name w/photo). Our judges (my kids!) will decide on the best costume submitted! Winner gets a $15.00 gift certificate at! Please send your photos in by Sunday, November 2nd. Winner will be chosen and announced on Monday!

McCain won the candy poll! (Now I can't wait to go in and get all the snicker bars she won't eat ... she hates peanuts!). ;-)

PHOTOS submitted:


Eloisa Docton said...

OMG Therese, this costume needs to be in a contest for itself for originality! I think you guys did AWESOME!! Eloisa

Farmhousefive Art 4 Kids said...

Thanks, Eloisa! Actually, my son thought of it! After he saw her he was like, "Man, I should have done this myself!" LOL!