Monday, February 25, 2008

Introducing Nail Covers!

I just got them all up tonight... Yeah! My new Nail Covers! They are really cute in person. Pictures can't really capture how they look in person. These are all hand-crafted and give a great touch to your framed wall art.

You'll notice the Eiffel Tower Nail Cover is hanging from a Canvas Banner. I have put up a Canvas Banner on Ever been there? You should go if you haven't! It's a site with all hand-made items. The group I'm in (OKID) all sell on there. See the new banner (in black) to the right and check out my girlfriends' items! First go check out my nail covers ;o) and then head over to OKID! Thanks for looking! I will be listing more Canvas Banners on Etsy. Heart me »-(¯`v´¯)-» (Add me to your favorites) on Etsy!


Robin said...

Love these and LOVE the Paris banner!

Johnina said...

I just love these!!! Too cute