Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The first giveaway on my blog!

Ok, this is something new I am doing on my blog! Since Teri from My Brand Name Baby did a giveaway on a choice of one of my Letter Prints ... I decided this is too much fun .... I HAVE to do this for my good friend, Nancy. Nancy & her mom, Pat, are the owners and designers of You will find lots of goodies such as: Hair Bow Holders, Custom Boutique Clothing, Wall Art for Kids, Custom Boutique Shoes, Wall Letters and more! Nancy is the artist, and Pat is the seamstress. They are both very talented ladies!

They have agreed to donate a prize for a giveaway! The drawing will run from now until Valentine's Day, 2/14/08 at 10:00 pm EST. One lucky winner will get a 6x8 size bow holder in any design! Grab a cup of tea and go visit Iwantedtowonder and then come back here to my blog & leave a comment in this post, letting me know which adorable design you want on your hairbow holder you just have to have for your DD. Winner will be randomly drawn & notified by me. Nancy from will contact you for more details concerning your winning order!

If you are not a blogger, please leave an email address in your comment, so winner can be notified! Good luck and thank you Nancy & Pat at Iwantedtowonder!!!


Sandra R. Vigil said...

Great giveaway!!I would love the sisters design on the hairbow holder! I'm pregnant with another little girl due in May and my 3 year old already has an impressive collection of hairbows. I can just imagine how many I will accumulate with 2 girls!!


Kelli said...

I love giveaways!!! Our son Kaleb has letters and airplanes on his wall from farmhouse five. We are in the process of adopting our second child. They aren't due until the end of July so we still don't know the sex. I would love to win anything!!!

Tara said...

I LOVE the letter ones.. I'd want an "M".. and that was the first one I saw. SO cute!

teri said...

I love the Fairy Princess one with blonde hair. So cute! What a great giveaway.

By the way, I am so glad that the giveaway at went so well, that you wanted to host your own!

Kristina O said...

I loved this website, it had so many cut items, If I were to win I would love the letter M. I thought it was great how the other things matched your items as well. Glad I checked it out.

Laura said...

Great website to find! Thanks for the tip. :)

I love the harlequin design and the flowers and the....So many to choose from!
I have 3 girls that have all worn bows in their hair since day 1 (lots of hair). Fun for me! :) I would love one of these - it would be so useful!
Thanks for the fun giveaway opportunity!

I have a blog but don't know what info it gives on contacting me ;}
My email is farmingfam(at)gmail(dot)com.

Kellie Sue said...

Great site with great one of a kind items! So many fun treats for any little girl. For my new baby girl's room, I would love the Harlequin (pink/green) design with the letter L. This would coordinate very nicely with the beautiful Emily products I purchased from Farmhouse Five (which I absolutley LOVE!).

Merle said...

Great website and great give-a-way. Thanks! I can't decide between the blond Fairy Princess and the Sweet Birdie Hair Bow Holder. They are all adorable.

luvey76 said...

Hi Therese!

I LOVE the Penelope artwork. I am trying to decide what room it will look best in!

I visited the Iwantedtowonder website and I LOVE the blonde sisters hairbow holder. I always yearned to have a sister growing up to share my secrets and life with. I have been blessed with two wonderful girls that are as close as close can be. I hope for a lifelong friendship for them, and I try to foster their joy of sisterhood and find ways to celebrate tihs wonderful relationship they have.

If I won this hairbow holder I would hand it in their ajoining bathroom and hang all the beautiful bows I make them on it.

I am not a blogger, but my e-mail is

Kristy said...

oh i love giveaways!

This is my first comment on your blog, but i must say ive been visiting for a little while. I can't hardly wait to move into our new place so i can decorate the kids room with your lovely Farmhousefive Art!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I love all of the beautiful items on all of the websites. If I were to win I would love the M to give to my neice, she has tons of hairbows and this would look so pretty in her bedroom.
thanks again!!!
I don't have a blogger account but my name is

kristina said...

i am not a blogger but love your site and the new ones you have told us about. I love the letter M, but not sure i that is part of the raffle because of size, if not available i also like the princess custom bow holder, the fancy lavender bow holder, and the lavender Harlequin Hair Bow Holder, my daughters room is lavender and blue so it is so hard for me to find coordinating items.
kristina-- here is my e mail address

cherie said...

my name is cherie, my e mail is
I couldn't get my comments to post so i hope that they all don't pop up at once, i am new to this. Sorry if they do. I really thought these bow holders were adorable and a fantasticidea, i liked the letter M and the purple princess ones.

kassie A said...

i really liked these, I would love if there were more predominately purple items than pink, but i love the ones that do have the purple in them. I like the cut out letters with the patchwork style on them, along with the princess ones. If I won I would love a cut out letter they are just too cute!
my e mail is