Friday, January 25, 2008

Hello! Trying to work down my custom request list .... it's nice to sit down and create, but I get lots of emails during the day and it always slows me down (not to mention just getting my orders out between the website & ebay)! January is typically my busiest time of the year, but I am trying to squeeze in new artwork. I have a number of things going right now such as new jerseys, fairies, friends & sisters, hit the road cars, vintage airplanes, and more. If you are interested in getting on my custom order list, please email me. There will be a wait, but I will eventually get there! I only take requests that I think will be popular for other customers though. I am always looking for bedrooms/playrooms/bathrooms photos that have my artwork in it. Please email me for details! Check out my newest artwork when you have the chance. I will be adding some new art this weekend. I have been trying to put different things on sale every week ... we all need sales! Please visit me weekly for sales. We are getting towards the end of the month ... have you entered our monthly drawing giveaway yet? I always appreciate your reviews, and of course, you are automatically entered into our monthly drawing for leaving one! Have a great weekend, keep warm! It's very chilly here down in Georgia (especially in this drafty old farmhouse!).

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