Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ebay auctions .. great deal on items!

Hello! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Didn't know if you knew that I am in a painting group, called OKID. We are a small group of ladies that specialize in hand-crafted items. Right now we have a launch on ebay called OKID GIFTS. These items go off Sunday and Monday. I have a snowman letter art that is at $1.00 and a growth chart (custom) at $5.75. Here's your chance to get these items at a lower price! Click here to see my items. Thanks for looking!

Some good news about my friend, Randi!! She finished her chemo and had her scan last week and the results came in very good!! They found no tumors in the scan. Is that a miracle or what?!! Next week they will look at her lymph nodes and see if the cancer is still in there. We are hoping she is completely clear. For those of you who kept Randi in your prayers, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! She is such a dear dear friend to me and has been for many years. I will keep you posted about her results next week.

Check out the little photo slide of
Trisha Yearwood below! What a fun mother/daughter night out for us! ;-)


Nancy said...

thank you for the update Therese ~ I will continue to keep Randi in my prayers!

Farmhousefive Art 4 Kids said...

Thanks, Nancy, that means A LOT to me! --Therese