Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fire Fighter Artwork on sale this week

I am back from a week off visiting my mom for her 80th birthday! My sister and I made her a Memory Book (that turned out quite nice!) and our siblings (6 total) met us in Chicago (where I grew up). My mom loved her book and having all of us together again. It was a sweet time!

After the party, my friend picked me up and we flew to San Diego to visit our friend, Randi, who has breast cancer (stage 4). We are praying for a miracle! Her spirits were up, like always, and she looked great with her funky head wraps. Randi's spirit and contagious laughter makes her beautiful! Her daughter was a week overdue to have her baby and she was big! She is so adorable, I'll have to post photos of her. She looks like a model with a big belly! We went out to eat a lot and went to this really nice outdoor mall when we started seeing the fires! We thought it was only one fire, until we got a call in the middle of the night (reverse 911 call) to evacuate! We went outside to see ash falling like snow and the sky all red (including the moon). After watching the news, getting our coffee, we started packing up important items. We took her 4 dogs, 2 cats with us... LOL.... to her friends house ... what a trip! That night her daughter went into labor and the next day, before we caught our flight, the baby was born. She called us in the morning to say she was only dialated to 3, so we were moving slow with our coffee, etc., and then one hour later she was dialated to 9! Needless to say, we flew to the hospital and when we were pulling in we got a call from her husband saying she was ready to deliver! Randi was there just in time to see this beautiful baby girl be born! 9 lbs 1 oz baby, named Randi (after Grandma!). She was a perfect baby, her coloring, and her little eyes were opened looking at her mommy. Oh, too sweet! Randi was suppose to have her chemo the day before, but the hospital she was getting it done at was closed due to the fires! So, she was getting the chemo at the same hospital as her daughter that afternoon. It is her last treatment. Anyhow, we hugged goodbye and rushed to the airport to catch our plane. We had quite an adventure in 3 short days!

It is good to be home and I came home to 500 emails.. but I feel caught up now and ready to do some new artwork!

In honor of the brave fire fighters (& police & EMT) in San Diego, I am offering any print in the fire fighter theme, the retro print set (or individuals) on sale this week for 25% off. Just type in this code: HEROS. Code good until Friday, 11/2. Let me know if you have any questions.

Me & my childhood friend!


Robin said...

What an adventure! Where in Chicago are you from? I grew up and still live in Illinois.

Farmhousefive Art 4 Kids said...

Hey Robin! I grew up in NW Suburbs (Mt. Prospect), I left when I was 23. I MISS the Midwest!

Robin said...

OMG, my MIL lives in Mt. Prospect! My dh lived in DesPlaines until he moved out on his own.

Farmhousefive Art 4 Kids said...

Wow.... out of all the towns, I can't believe Mt. Prospect! It was a great town to grow up in. I lived on such a great block. The pic of me with my childhood friend lived on my block. It was 20 years before we saw each other! We had such a great night out. I love going home and seeing my old friends... Midwestern people are great!!

Robin said...

Yes we are LOL!