Sunday, August 5, 2007

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Can you believe that summer is about over?? My kids go back this Wednesday already! It seems it was July 4th like last weekend! I sure don't feel I got a lot done this summer workwise! I did spend some time with my kids so that was good. I am actually going to miss having them (OK... I am going to miss sleeping in a bit!). My Natalie starts middle school! She is pretty excited and we had to go out and buy a bunch of locker stuff to organize her locker (did we ever have that?). Nick's going into 8th and Ryan is starting his 2nd year at UGA. Ryan moved in with a friend this summer, so he's renting a house, working, and will soon juggle school with that. We had a great time at the beach .. and I plan to post a little slide of pics this week. Just haven't had time. I found out some really sad news this summer and that is one of my best friends is in stage 4 of breast cancer. It's been very devastating and we are just praying the chemo will prolong her life. Please remember Randi in your prayers... she is a dear old high school friend. You know the old saying .... "Old friends are the best friends!" So true. BTW, if you haven't checked out the little video about "Silent Breast Cancer" to the right (below a bit), you NEED to! This is something I never heard of ... and it is quite shocking to say the least! It is a pretty short video, but it really draws you in and will make you want to tell every woman you know.

I posted some new Meadow Bugs art ... check it out. I am working on some Allison & Jillian Art right now. Don't forget to enter the monthly drawing this month for a Collection of Artwork .... all for only $10.00! Would make a nice Christmas gift to give too (Oh, no, did I really say, Christmas?!).

Hoping you all had a wonderful summer! Have a great week! --Therese

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