Saturday, March 17, 2007

Free Shipping at Bombay Kids + $20 coupon!

Ok... I finally placed my order with Bombay Kids and bought the Gigi bedding for my daughter (her b-day is coming in 2 weeks)! Now I'm on the hunt for a white and pink chandelier with pink prisms! I love the one on Bombay but it is out of stock and most likely won't be back until the end of June, so they said. You can't beat the price either... $125! I looked on ebay and they cost more and were not as big. Hey, if anyone has a pink chandelier they want to get rid of let me know! ;-)

I went to just to look and a pop-up window came up with a coupon code: $20 off any purchase of $150 or more! PLUS until Monday you get FREE shipping on any order of $150 or more. So I saved some $$$ !!! I LOVE deals. That window only came up once and I even tried to go there on my other computer and no window showed up ?? That was weird. Anyhow, if you need a code .. this is what was on the pop-up window: PAW7B7AZ. I hope it works for you.. I don't know if it's a one-time code, but it's worth a try!


Anonymous said...

I too did my daughters room in the Gigi theme from Bombay, which has now gone out of business :( Anyways I wanted to know what color you did your daughters walls. I was going to pick up the green in the bedspread. but I wasn't sure if that would be to much.. Any advice? Do you have any pictures of how you did her room? Thanks a lot!
Love getting your blogs, and you do beautiful work!

Farmhousefive Art 4 Kids said...

Hi Marla,

We ended up doing 2 pinks on her walls. lighter on the top and darker on the bottom. I still haven't finished doing what I envisioned and that is one of those wavy stripes (that match the comforter) to break up the 2 pinks. She has this armoire that I painted the same blue in the comforter, and also painted the lampshade base that color. I brought in black accents and I also did that same green for the curtains. I wanted her room to have all those fun happy colors. The chandelier really tied it all together. I think green walls to match would be really cute with lots of black and pinks accents. Hope that helps!