Friday, March 23, 2007

Weekend Special!

This weekend only---March 23-25---upgrade your 8x10 letter print to a 11x14 print. This is a special size only available this weekend. Mat your print and place in a standard 16x20 frame. This will make a nice focal point above a bed or dresser! (Tip: You can double click on the above letter pictures to see them enlarged.)

This special is for subscribers to farmhousefive blog. Not a subscriber yet? Just sign up (over to the right). Let me know in check out notes that you are a subscriber and want your letter print upgraded. Go directly to the letter wall art section by clicking on the Weekend Special title. Thanks .. and have a wonderful weekend! It's getting up to 90 degrees here in Georgia... ;-)

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Free Shipping at Bombay Kids + $20 coupon!

Ok... I finally placed my order with Bombay Kids and bought the Gigi bedding for my daughter (her b-day is coming in 2 weeks)! Now I'm on the hunt for a white and pink chandelier with pink prisms! I love the one on Bombay but it is out of stock and most likely won't be back until the end of June, so they said. You can't beat the price either... $125! I looked on ebay and they cost more and were not as big. Hey, if anyone has a pink chandelier they want to get rid of let me know! ;-)

I went to just to look and a pop-up window came up with a coupon code: $20 off any purchase of $150 or more! PLUS until Monday you get FREE shipping on any order of $150 or more. So I saved some $$$ !!! I LOVE deals. That window only came up once and I even tried to go there on my other computer and no window showed up ?? That was weird. Anyhow, if you need a code .. this is what was on the pop-up window: PAW7B7AZ. I hope it works for you.. I don't know if it's a one-time code, but it's worth a try!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

To Mat or not to Mat ??

I am debating whether to offer matted prints. Currently all prints are not matted and the customer has the choice whether to mat or not to mat. I personally love how the prints come to life when they are matted! The question is would YOU like that option available? Would it save you time to purchase a matted print and then all you have to do is buy a frame? If matted, the print would arrive secured with a backing and in a clear acid-free bag. Of course the mat itself would be acid-free.

Would love to hear your thoughts/comments!!! Any input would help me make a decision.

Don't forget to sign up on the blog to get 10% off your next order at

Sunday, March 4, 2007

New~Initial Wall Art!

New to my website! Add your child's initials to the wall for a dramatic look. Marvy wanted her daughter's name which happens to be 3 letters (SAM) in the Paris theme. After looking over my Paris art, she decided she wanted 3 images .... the Eiffel Tower (of course!), a Scooter Girl, and she loved the street light on one of my prints. I put this set together and she just received it and loves it! She left a nice review too. (Always appreciate reviews .. and of course she has been automatically entered into our monthly drawing for doing that).

On a personal note ... I may be going a bit slower these days! I've been going to physical therapy for my low back and for sciatica that hasn't quit since before Christmas! It's been a long miserable ride! I've heard you get worse before you get better after starting P/T. Gosh, I hope so, because I hurt! It's pretty bad when you are doing stretches and tears are rolling down your face... LOL! I hear that's a common problem when you are pregnant, getting sciatica because of where the baby is sitting. I can't imagine going thru that for months and months. Ugh! I have such a waiting list of projects and it has been hard keeping up with this pain. I've learned a lot though... LOL .... first you can't sit at the computer for 10 hours straight! Second, you have to strengthen your core muscles (for the rest of your life!). My walking program obviously wasn't enough. I guess after 3 kids my stomach muscles aren't the same. But! One day they will be ... I'm on a mission now ... LOL! If anyone has sciatica comments, I'd love to hear them. ;-) --Therese